8 Key Points To Remember When You Buy Suits & Blazers

8 Key Points To Remember When You Buy Suits & Blazers

It's time to talk about suits and blazers for mens—those classic threads that scream confidence, class, and a bit of intrigue. Now, diving into the world of fancy threads might seem like a maze, especially if you're a first-timer. Don't stress, my fellow style enthusiasts! This guide spills the beans on 10 tips for snagging the perfect suits and blazers for men. Get ready to rock any scene with style and swagger! 

Things To Keep In Mind While You Buy a Suit Or A Blazer For Yourself


  1. The Fit is King (and Queen):

A suit that fits right is like magic—it makes you look good, no matter your build. A baggy one? It's more like a bathrobe on a snowman. Too tight? You'll feel like a sausage casing. Here's the key: the suit should move when you move, not fight you every step of the way. Shoulders have to sit comfy, sleeves shouldn't look like balloons on your wrists, and there should be enough breathing room for a nice, crisp dress shirt underneath. 


  1. Fabric Fantastic:

Your suit's fabric? That's what makes it, you know? The whole shebang. Now, wool, that's the king, the top dog. It lets your skin breathe, keeps wrinkles at bay, and hangs real nice. Want something smooth? Feeling more casual? Tweed adds some texture and makes it less stuffy. Remember the weather, too. Summer heat? Lighter materials like linen or cotton mixes are your finest bet. So yeah, the fabric, that's where it's at for suits.


  1. The Color Conundrum:

Navy, charcoal, and gray - the holy trinity of clothes that go with everything! These are your ride-or-die colors for any situation, work, weddings, or even hitting the bar with friends. Once you've had these basics, it's time to level up! Consider adding a brown suit - it's like stylishly wearing the earth. And a windowpane check pattern? It's all about looking sharp with a little something extra. Remember, color is your chance to show who you are, so have fun!


  1. Shoulder Story:

The padding in your shoulders is like the secret handshake of suits. Big, puffy shoulders? That's boardroom boss all the way. They shout "mean business" and are perfect for presentations or fancy dinners. On the other hand, if your shoulders are softer and comfy, it's more like a "business casual" vibe. Think relaxed Fridays or meeting clients for coffee. There's no need to go full power shoulder when you can chill.


  1. Lapel Language:

Ever wondered about those flaps on the front of your jacket? Those are called lapels! The most common type is the notched lapels; they're your go-to for any occasion. Think of them as the jeans of lapels - always a good choice. Want to look sharp? Peak lapels add a hint of class and work well with broader shoulders. Think fancy dinner or important meeting. If you prefer a clean and modern look, slimmer shawl lapels are the way to go! They're like the minimalist t-shirt of lapels.


  1. The All-Important Vents:

Those splits in the back of your jacket? They're for more than just looks (although they help). They're called vents and are here to make your life easier.

  • Single vent: This OG style gives you a clean and classic silhouette. Think James Bond smooth.
  • Double vents: These are more modern and can make you look a bit slimmer by creating a flattering drape. They give your jacket some wiggle room so it doesn't bunch up when you move.

    1. Rise and Shine (or Don't):

    Where your pants hang on your waist, high or low, is all up to you and what's hot right now. High-waisted pants make you look put together, while low-rise pants are more casual. Just make sure they fit right—no squeezing or weird bagginess!


    1. The Power of Pleats:

    Pleated pants? Comfy central! They got extra wiggle room in the butt and thighs, perfect if you like your pants to feel like pajamas in public (no judgment here). Flat-front pants are more like the skinny jeans of the dress pant world - sleek and modern. It's all about what your body is feeling and the look you're going for.


    • Bonus Tip: Confidence is the Best Accessory: Your suit should fit you like a charm, not suffocate or hang you off like a sack. Picture this: it moves with you, not against you. Shoulders chill, sleeves smooth, and room to breathe in the chest. Got a so-so fit? No worries! Tailors work magic. A tweak here, a stitch there, and boom! You've got a killer suit, and trust me, it's worth it.

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      Alright, listen up! So, suits and blazers, huh? They can feel stuffy, like you have to be some big shot to wear 'them right. But nah, that's not true. Here's the lowdown: these threads are your playground!

      Follow these tips and buy from a reputed store like SILSIN, but remember, they're just a starting point. Play around, have some fun, and wear what makes you feel like a total boss. With this newfound suit swagger, you'll own every room like it's nothing.

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